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Domenicangelo Strippoli Lawyer
Professional education: graduated in law in 1981 and in political science in 1993 at the University of Macerata. He has matured various professional experiences in Italy and abroad, in providing consultancy on banking issues, securities and real estate executions, as well as part of the insolvency proceedings and the corporate crisis management.
He has always felt that the professional development and knowledge of the various and diverse aspects of the law was necessary for its activities and to this end, has attended various specialization courses at the LUMSA University:
“Conciliation Seminar of civil disputes”, “Preparatory course for the activity of Bankruptcy” (25.06.2001), “Advanced course in banking litigation management” (11.07.2002) and “Master level III in family law and minors” (2003) . Since 2011 he is registered as a lawyer at the Bar Council in Rome and at the Madrid Bar Council. Languages spoken: English Spanish and French.

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